Plate Tectonics (Remix)

Wes Period (Feat. Theophilus London)
Plate Tectonics (Remix)
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As the years have gone by, my taste in music has evolved significantly. I used to live by the mantra that if you aren't physically playing an instrument in each one of your songs, then it wasn't REAL music. How naive and insanely stupid I was. What I didn't understand back then was that music was, and is, so much more than the pluck of a few strings on a guitar. It's a message and an emotional vehicle that other forms of media and expression will never be able to achieve.

Plate Tectonics was a song I would have brushed over immediately. Now, it's the inaugural pick of the prestigious USOTW.

This song goes hard. Period -- (see what I did there?). One of my favorite things about music today is that genre's are being blended, and it flat out works. This remix version starts out with a verse by the incredible Theophilus London, with a simple strumming guitar that almost has an eeire feeling to it. The beat starts to come in after that first verse, and for lack of a better term, it BOPS. The mix of Hip Hop and R&B and Pop is an enticing mix and it's done quite well.

The message of this song though, is what really makes it shine. It talks about the state of the world today, and how we are all so immune to the issues that are arising all around us and how we all seem unwilling to do anything about it when we are more than capable. A line from verse 2 sum's up this idea quite well.

"Climates changing, I could save it, but I won't stop driving"